S2E9 - What You Believe You Become ft. Danielle McAlpine Johnson

Season #2

What’s been spoken over you, even as far back as when you were just a little one, can grab a hold of your heart and become your truth.


What starts off as a belief, turns into an action. In short, what you believe, you become.


Ask yourself this question: 'What beliefs have played a part in the moulding and shaping of who I have become today?'


Keeping your answer in mind, have these beliefs positively or negatively impacted your life?

If the word ’negatively’ features in your response, are you okay for that outcome to remain as is?

We all relate to some degree that we can be our own worst critic. That internal voice telling you you’re not good enough, you’re too old to change, this is as good as you’re ever going to get. I beg to differ.

In today’s episode, you will hear from award winning Writer, Director and Producer Danielle McAlpine Johnson of CheekyMay Productions. She opens up about her own journey of listening to and believing lies that were spoken over her when she was just a young girl. She believed those lies and they became her truth. It was only years later that she began to wake up to her TRUE self, re-format her beliefs and as a result, has since been able to achieve incredible success in her documentaries, film and television shows that have now become catalysts for change in the social justice landscape.


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