Hey precious lady,


If you were to close your eyes and imagine a timeline of your life from when you were a little girl right up to this very moment, what would you see that has resulted in who you are today?


Now take a deep breath and be brave for a few seconds. Replay that timeline in your mind and pinpoint significant events that have negatively impacted your view of the world, of love, of trust, of you and of life itself.


You see, I have learned from my own timeline that trauma and abuse eats away at one's identity till eventually you have no idea who you are and you end up living life like a shell of your true self. You then settle for second best yet deep down, you know there's so much more.

Well, there IS so much more but it starts with healing from the past, re-writing your internal narrative (or in other words, changing the lenses from which you view life and self) in order to unlock your true identity so that you can start to dream again and take steps towards living your BEST life going forward.

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