There is nothing like the power of a personal story.


As a Christian transformational coach, speaker, podcast host and recording artist with a prophetic edge, Nalini uses story-telling to address the tough stuff so that you can face it, deal with it, heal from it and live the life you were born to.

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Keynote Speaker, Recording Artist & Podcast Host

Nalini's keynotes are built around your audience's needs with a focus on the rebuilding and restoring of identity.

Nalini intertwines songs and stories to strike a match within hearts, to ignite action and initiate transformation.

Nalini's podcast 'Under the Rug' addresses issues that are often left buried yet impact society in a detrimental way. By raising awareness and providing resources, you are empowered to bring about change.


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Women Empowerment

Nalini's transformational program challenges the question, 'Who am I outside of position, title or trauma?' 

When a woman loses sight of her identity, she loses her voice. When she loses her voice, she loses her ability to impact for the better.

Restore her identity and you restore her voice. Restore her voice and she will leave a lasting impact for generations to come.


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Nalini partners with organizations who rescue and support women impacted by domestic violence, online sexual abuse and human trafficking by providing her life transformative personal development program.

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What if you meet someone today that promises to change the way you think about your life, your dreams and what is holding you back?

Wouldn't it be worth listening to them?

No woman, not any woman, should be held back from making the most of her life because of her negative self-belief or low self-esteem.

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Working With Women to Transform Their Lives

As a Certified Life Coach who has spent the last twenty years working alongside women, I have discovered that we ALL struggle with identity in one way or another. Be it body image, negative self talk, the influence of friends or family, and for some, the horrific ramifications of abuse.

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For Me, Your Development Is Personal!

I spent years working for a narcissistic boss who's daily verbal and psychological abuse left me at the point of suicide. It took me eleven years to recover. What started as a quest to discover who I am outside of title, position and trauma, has turned into a system that has helped hundreds of my members step into who they really are and confidently show up in their lives like never before.

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Resources for Every Stage of Your Journey

Online Courses

Self-guided and interactive lessons to become a better you.

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Under the Rug Podcast

Raising awareness on societal issues to educate and activate change.

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Resources for your everyday

Designed to equip and empower.

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