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Tackle Anxiety & Take Back Territory

Mental Health is at an all time high with Anxiety featuring at the top of the list. Fact is, anxiety is only a symptom of a problem. Identifying the root of the anxiety is key to tackling anxiety and taking back territory.

This Program is suitable for men, women and teenagers who are struggling with anxiety and not willing to tolerate it any longer.

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Unlock Your True Identity

Calling all the ladies!! This is a power packed program that includes a 21 Day Challenge where you will be guided through a step-by-step process to re-frame your self-talk in order for you to unlock your TRUE identity.

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Awaken Confidence

When your life is fueled by insecurities, you put a cap on your potential. It's only when you're confident in yourself, that you're able to step out and achieve what's in your heart to do. This program is suitable for men and women and includes a 21 Day Challenge that will guide you through practical steps to awaken that confidence within. 

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Art of Communication

Over 60% of marriage breakups are down to continual argumentative conflict and poor communication. If businesses delved into the 'why' behind their high staff turnovers, they would discover that communication or lack thereof is a likely contributing factor.

Communication is key to personal and professional success. This program is suitable for individuals, couples and businesses and includes a 21 Day Challenge for activation.

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Books & Music

The Orange Hue

Part 1 of Nalini's Memoir is a powerful story of real, unfiltered life events, trauma and healing on the path to pursuing a dream...

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Nalini's Music

Go for that walk and hit play. As the words wash over you, may your heart be filled with a fresh sense of hope for tomorrow.

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