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How You Can Unlock Your Identity in 21 Days!


Learn a life transforming technique to step out of lies, trauma or abuse and unlock your true identity and grab hold of your tomorrow with confidence and sass!

Sisters, it's Our Time!

Countless women around the world are facing similar challenges in life as you. As someone who has lived through abuse, trauma and having been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and chronic PTSD, I relate. But I'm also here to tell you that I found a way to heal and I want to help you heal too.

Each and every blow of abuse or trauma chips away at your identity. When you lose your identity, you lose your voice. When you lose your voice, you lose your ability to positively impact your world. You become a shell of your former self as you watch life passing you by. You know you hold the potential to be and achieve so much more but you just don't have the key to unlock it.

Self doubt creeps in, you begin to wonder 'Is this it?' whilst the dreams you had for your future remain stuffed in the recesses of your mind.

You know all too well that you have one go at this life and that at some point it will all be over.

You question whether you will ever be free of this struggle, with no idea how to overcome it. You dream that one day you will somehow miraculously discover how to let go of the heartache and build courage and self-belief. You long for the confidence to kick those goals, and achieve those dreams and desires that hold the potential to eventuate. You worry that if you don't discover that courage and self-belief your dreams will follow you to the grave.

You can take action and shift the trajectory of your life. You don’t have to tolerate trauma or settle for your current reality and miss out on incredible opportunities your whole life.

If you are ready for change and want your life to count for something, where you leave a legacy behind, then we have a step by step program that you can follow.

We call it the Negative to Positive 21 Day Challenge.

Join a movement of incredible women who are not willing to settle for a life trapped in trauma. But who have taken the next step to break free and become the woman she was created to be.

You precious one, will never be the same again.

Karin Parker's Story

Before I started the program with Nalini there were certain areas where I knew I was insecure. Insecure about my weight or what certain people might think about me. And it is as though I had the same underlying issues around what someone is thinking of me or what if I screw it up, or what if I stumble over my words or whatever. Issues I had my entire life, issues holding me back.

But now after the 21-day challenge, I feel more confident. People acknowledge that I'm changed. They see a different me, in who I am.  They want to know about how I've changed so much. I think that that’s a great thing.

People ask me if I would recommend it and I always say definitely. Why? Because it’s not intense. This is something that anyone can do. I would definitely recommend it to people who need that shift in their lives.

Also community goes a long way. People gather around each other in the program, to encourage each other and spur each other on. The Facebook Group is really important and has been so precious.

To anyone considering the program I would say "Do it!" I would say it will change their life. Because it does. If you start thinking differently and actioning things that need to be actioned, that can help anyone in any sphere of life.

Could This Be You?

Imagine yourself ditching the low self-esteem and negative self-belief. Where you tap into who you truly are deep down inside.

Where you’re finally able to awaken those dreams and desires and begin to take action in achieving what you’ve always wanted to but just haven’t, until now.

You’re an inspiration to your partner, your children, your colleagues.

You’re suddenly walking with your head held high with no limits. You’re achieving things you never thought possible.

People are inspired and energized by you.

You carry this confidence, this new lease of life, passion and zeal for what is ahead of you.

Can you see it?

Get instant access to our 21 Day Challenge and AWAKEN your Identity!

If you are ready to shift your life to a higher gear, to break through barriers that have held you back for decades then now's the time to get started.

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Nalini Tranquim life coach

About Me

My name is Nalini Tranquim, I’m a Transformational Coach through the Australian Institute of Coaching and have been in the coaching and mentoring arena for over twenty years.

The reason I developed this program is because I was stuck in a cycle of trauma that stole many years of my life. I wrestled with my identity, I struggled to be a good mom and wife and everyday tasks felt like a mountain to climb. I lost my hope and joy and eventually woke up to the realization that I stand to lose everything if something doesn't change. That's when it hit me that trauma does not define me.

In my years as a Transformational Coach I have come across countless women who battle with the same.

'Who am I outside of trauma?'

'Who am I outside of what people say?'

'Who am I outside of title and position?'

This struggle steals.

But we don’t have to let it.

I chose to get back up and refused to allow trauma to hold me back. It took me eleven years to recover and re-discover who I am. That's why I developed this program.

It is a painstaking labour of love and a testimony to my own healing journey. I've witnessed women from all over the world apply the transformative tools I teach, they have committed to the process and put in the hard work, and I’m astounded at the results.

They are now experiencing life-transforming change for themselves and many have gone on to write books, launch businesses and charities, become wives and moms, and even relationships have been restored.

Darling, it's now your time for change!

How Following the  21 Day Challenge Will RADICALLY Change Your Life

You’ll finally be able to silence negative self-belief, you'll awaken courage and boldness, to step out and be who you truly are.

You’ll break-free from negative self-belief and unlock a whole new world of self-discovery that will not only impact you but your world.

You will have the self-belief to take risks and to take action in areas that until now, have felt out of reach by being able to truly embrace yourself

You will awaken passion, excitement, and expectation for what tomorrow brings.

You’ll discover a whole new lease of life.

You will no longer be limited by the four walls of your mind. Suddenly, the sky will be your limit.

You will realise that you hold the potential to play a part in being the answer for the next generation.

You will discover your voice and will wake up to the realisation that you have influence over others and that you could bring about change, that ripples beyond yourself.

You will wake up to the fact that your thoughts and opinions matter. That what you have on the inside, actually counts.

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What Other Women Say About the Program

Join other women across three continents who have experienced the power of the Negative to Positive 21 Day Challenge. Three of them have a message for YOU today.

Kathleen Bigot

On the weekend I went out with my girls and wore a dress. Out in public in a dress? I want to do so much more now. Knowing I can do it, to…okay now I just GOTTA do it. It’s awakened in me the little girl who wants to go outside and play. If you don’t have a Nalini in your life, now’s your chance to get one!

Araceli Jones

It ignited different things about who I am as a person, as a whole. It’s like a whole person care system. You said something that ignited something within me. You said ‘Don’t break out early because you can spoil the butterfly’. Well, I didn’t want to spoil my butterfly. You have to do this. By the end of this program you are going to be confident in who you are. Your gifts and your talents will be stirred up again and you will embrace a new outlook on life. 

Susan Shelton

Go for it, you won’t regret it. You know like when dye hits water? You drop it in and it permeates, but it’s not the one colour straight away? When something’s pervasive, that’s what needs to happen. They need an antidote to whatever negativity has been spoken over them.
I’m sold to it.

Steph Hope

Nalini’s program couldn’t have come at a better time. After a year of devastating loss, I found myself stuck and unable to move forward. I had allowed the decisions and opinions of others to dictate how I saw myself and my perception of my value was at an all-time low. Nalini’s programs really pulled
me out of my funk, reminded me of who I am and helped me see my worth again. Following the daily action steps and challenges have gently encouraged me to do the deep work of embracing all that I was created for. Nalini has given me the motivation and courage to step out of my comfort
zone and go boldly after an ‘unrestrained’ life, marked by being unashamedly ME.

Catherine Schythe

Nalini’s 21 Day Challenge has sharpened my confidence and elevated my mindset into becoming a more positive person. I have learned wonderful skills that I am applying in my life now, and I feel great where I am with myself. I have grown so much with Nalini, to the point that I am now on my own journey as an influencer.

Sarah Chapman

There are so many courses, books and '21 Days to...' but what sets this apart and makes it really work is that you sign up to belong to a community. You come part of a group of strong, tenacious, loving and persistent women. Women who will settle for nothing less than their ALL.

I'm so thankful I dived in, took every opportunity and chose to be vulnerable. I allowed these women to coach me through the painful and yet exhilarating process of bringing to life that which is inside of me. I will never be the same.

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Here’s What Comes With Your Purchase - The Package:

Awaken Your Identity Masterclass

  • 1-hour Masterclass (allows 30 minutes for practical component) that will walk you through the process of shifting from negative to positive self-belief, that you will have lifetime access to.

1-Minute Daily Video Check-ins

  • You will receive daily 1-min video check-ins from me throughout the course of your 21 Day Challenge, to spur you on as you allow this time for practical application of what you have learnt in the Masterclass.

Community Support from Like-Minded Women

  • Access to the Empowerment for Life Facebook Group where I will answer any questions you may have. This is also a great community of incredible women who are on their own self-discovery journey. We will all be cheering you on as you undertake your 21 Day Challenge


To add even more value to the  21 Day Challenge, I wanted to include my own personal story of shifting from negative to positive self-belief. I never believed that I could produce a program that would impact women all over the world.

It never would have been possible if I was still that shy, broken, anxiety-driven woman I used to be. When you sign up for this program, you will get a complimentary copy of my audiobook The Orange Hue.

It will inspire, encourage and motivate you as you begin your own shift from negative to positive self-belief.

Special Bonus For Women Who Take Action

For a limited time only. You will get a FREE 30 min coaching call with Nalini  simply for signing up today as your reward for taking action.


One time fee USD

  • Masterclass on self-esteem
  • 21-day challenge videos and exercises
  • Facebook Community
  • Support from Nalini

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