Keynote Speaking for Women's Empowerment

Spurring Women to Make Changes in Their World

Having struggled with low self-esteem for many years, I realised just how much time is lost on believing lies. I have come across countless women during my years as a coach who settle for a second-grade life, all because of low self-image. My keynote topic for women's empowerment is all to do with identity. This fits in alignment with my 21-Day Coaching Program on How to Break Free from Negative to Positive Self Belief.

My talks always carry a personal element. I share a story from my own journey that women always relate to. I then unpack tools and skillsets that I’ve learned along the way to empower the women to step up, face what it is they are navigating and make changes for themselves.

The audience will walk away spurred on. They aren’t the only ones facing their hurdles. There is a company of women behind them, cheering them on and they will have a sense of  "I can do this".


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Nalini’s story-telling and music is so honest and genuine and comes as such an encouragement for people going through things. I not only recommend for people to come and hear her, but to bring friends who are navigating challenging circumstances, because they will get a lot of hope.

Sarah, Australia

I’ve attended four events where Nalini has spoken. Her stories touch my heart so much. She has such an amazing way of sharing. I just love it. I’ve been able to bring my friends and they have all been touched. I feel like so many people can get something from her personal stories no matter what situation or circumstance they may be facing. I wish more people could experience it.

Robin, Australia

Somewhere in Nalini’s stories, someone will find themselves saying ‘Oh my gosh, that’s happened to me.’ The way the stories are told with music is unique and beautiful.

Carol, Australia

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