Women Empowerment

Spurring Women on to Make Changes in Their World


Nalini works closely with women who have been impacted by abuse and trauma.

When a woman experiences any kind of abuse, be it physical, verbal orĀ psychological, her identity is impacted. She may walk away from abuse and be physically safe, but her mental and emotional state of being is still in turmoil. This is where the recovery process begins.

Nalini is a Certified Life Coach and works independently as well as in tandem with trauma therapists, counselors and psychologists. She is no stranger to the impact of abuse and uses her lived experience as part of her coaching and mentorship of women.


Transformational Program

Nalini's Transformational Program is impacting women all across the world. It provides women the support and community necessary to not only heal, but to begin to dream of the life she has the potential to still live.

The program walks women through the process of

  1. Acknowledging the past
  2. Letting go of the things that are holding her back, whilst
  3. Guiding her through daily action steps that re-frames her internal narrative


Private Facebook Group

Nalini runs a private 'Women's Empowerment For Life' Facebook Group, which is designed for women to find a safe space to open up and be real about the challenges faced in our day-to-day. We are a company of women who rally, support, encourage and cheer one another on and you are invited. Click here to join the movement.

If you would like to speak to Nalini about how her program could support women in your local community, please complete the form below.

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Nalini’s story-telling and music is so honest and genuine and comes as such an encouragement for people going through things. I not only recommend for people to come and hear her, but to bring friends who are navigating challenging circumstances, because they will get a lot of hope.

Sarah, Australia

I’ve attended four events where Nalini has spoken. Her stories touch my heart so much. She has such an amazing way of sharing. I just love it. I’ve been able to bring my friends and they have all been touched. I feel like so many people can get something from her personal stories no matter what situation or circumstance they may be facing. I wish more people could experience it.

Robin, Australia

Somewhere in Nalini’s stories, someone will find themselves saying ‘Oh my gosh, that’s happened to me.’ The way the stories are told with music is unique and beautiful.

Carol, Australia

Want to Know More?

Please message Nalini below with any questions you may have regarding her keynote speaking and/or transformational program.


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