We partner with organizations

who support women impacted by Domestic Violence, Online Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking.


As a Certified Life Coach, Nalini Tranquim is no stranger to the impact of abuse and trauma. Nalini has spent many years working closely with women who are victims of abuse, and uses her own lived experience to help women separate the impact of trauma from their identity.

Nalini works independently and in tandem with trauma therapists, counselors and psychologists, with her Transformational Program forming a key part in women's recovery.

In Nalini's words:

'When a woman experiences any kind of abuse, be it physical, verbal or psychological, her identity is impacted.

She may walk away from abuse and be physically safe, but her mental and emotional state of being is still in turmoil. This is where the recovery process begins.'

Nalini's Transformational Program is impacting women all across the world. It provides women the support and community necessary to not only heal, but to begin to dream of the life she has the potential to still live.

The program walks women through the process of

  1. Acknowledging the past
  2. Letting go of the things that are holding her back, whilst
  3. Guiding her through daily action steps that re-frames her internal narrative

If you are part of a Charity or Organisation operating in this field, click on the video below and learn more about how Nalini can support your women at a deeper level.



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