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How do we differentiate between rest and idleness? 

We have so much on our plates these days, from constant advances in technology and social media, to new trends popping in and out of existence in a flash, to political unrest across the globe, let alone the daily juggle of work, family and so much more. 


For those of you in the fast-lane, you will agree that coming to a grinding halt can wreak havoc with your mental and emotional well-being. For me personally, I would interpret rest as being lazy and therefore got into the unhealthy habit of pushing till crashing. Maybe you find yourself guilt-ridden when not actively 'doing' even if your body is screaming for time out. 


So how do we take the necessary time to rest without the guilt? 

What does the process of rest actually look like in real time? 

But what if we find ourselves on the opposite end of the spectrum where we've become idle machines with no purpose? 

How do we break free from that slumber and return to a life that is both fulfilling and rewarding?


I had the honour and privilege of sitting down with the incredible Danielle McAlpine Johnson, an award winning writer, director, producer, and proud mother of four beautiful children, to hear how she navigates leading a purposeful, busy, adventurous life, whilst taking rest when needed, without falling into idleness. 


You will also hear my TOP FIVE TIPS when it comes to REST.


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