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What’s been spoken over you, even as far back as when you were just a little one, can grab a hold of your heart and become your truth.


What starts off as a belief, turns into an action. In short, what you believe, you become.


Ask yourself this question: 'What beliefs have played a part in the moulding and shaping of who I have become today?'

Keeping your answer in mind, have these beliefs positively or negatively impacted your life?

If the word ’negatively’ features in your response, are you okay for that outcome to remain as is?

We all relate to some degree that we can be our own worst critic. That internal voice telling you you’re not good enough, you’re too old to change, this is as good as you’re ever going to get. I beg to differ.

In today’s episode, you will hear from award winning Writer, Director and Producer Danielle McAlpine Johnson of CheekyMay Productions. She opens up about her own journey of listening to and believing lies that were spoken over her when she was just a young girl. She believed those lies and they became her truth. It was only years later that she began to wake up to her TRUE self, re-format her beliefs and as a result, has since been able to achieve incredible success in her documentaries, film and television shows that have now become catalysts for change in the social justice landscape.


How do I re-write my belief system?

  1. For all the ladies out there, sign up to my 21 Day Challenge and transform your beliefs through the practical application of specific steps that will re-frame your internal narrative. As a VIP listener of the Under the Rug Podcast, be sure to enter COUPON Code UTRVIP to get 50% off!
  2. Speak LIFE into YOU! You will learn about affirmations within the 21 Day Challenge. This has been a revolutionary process for me personally. I still apply this method today.
  3. Undertake a friends audit. After-all, you become who you spend time with. This is also a process that you will learn within the 21 Day Challenge.


What are the three types of people?

Part of the process of undertaking a friends audit is to establish what category your friends fall into.

In this episode of Under the Rug, Danielle McAlpine Johnson addresses the three types of people that TD Jakes talks about in his teachings as highlighted below:


1. Confidants

You have got to have confidants. You've got to have someone in your world whom you can trust. As TD Jakes says, 'You cannot be a great leader and not have anybody you can talk to.'

This is your inner circle. The ones who are with you for the long haul. They see you, they understand you, they are for you in the good, the bad and the ugly seasons. If you go up, they are there. If you go down, they are there. If you get stuck in the mud, they are the ones who are pulling you out. These are the people that you can be YOU in front of.

If you have three in a lifetime, you've done good.

This is your smallest category but the most important.


2. Constituents

They are with IT. Not you. They are only with you because of what they want out of you. You must be careful of constituents because they walk beside you like a confidant, they even sound like them, but they are there because of the cause and not because of you. They don't love you, they love what you do.

Their attraction to you is your ability to get them closer to where they want to go. They want the opportunities that you bring their way. You can have them in your life, but you must know why they are in your life.

You also need to be aware that if someone else comes along who will get them to where they want to go quicker, they will jump from your ship. It was never about you in the first place. They will leave in a heartbeat and will leave your heart broken if you are not aware of their motives. Not everyone who is with you is for you. Not everyone who comes into your life will stay. Some come to leave and that's okay. Don't get bitter, just get better at discerning!


3. Comrades

They are not for you nor are they for what you are for. They are just against what you are against. They will team up with you to fight a greater enemy, but they will only be with you till the job is done. They are like scaffolding. Once the building is up, the scaffolding comes down.

Expect constituents and comrades to leave you at some point. Don't be upset by this because they were never really with you in the first place. Therefore, be careful who you share your dreams with and who you allow to speak over you. It's evidenced in this episode that people's words can become our beliefs and what you believe, you become.


Watch on Youtube or listen right here





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