S2E12 - From Wife To Mother ft. Hannah van Rooyen

Season #2

Following on from S2E10 'From Woman To Wife', Nalini Tranquim regroups with Senior Pastor, Hannah van Rooyen of CRC in Gaborone, Botswana to unpack another major transitional point in a woman's life, 'From Wife To Mother'.

Together they uncover:

  1. How to go from being young, madly in love, fancy-free to being a new parent
  2. How to adjust to those early days of parenthood both as a mama and as a papa
  3. How to be sensitive to each other's adjustment to parenthood
  4. How to adjust to post-pregnancy/birth body
  5. How to navigate sex after child-birth
  6. How to ensure your partner fees included when baby comes along
  7. How to navigate external input eg: involvement from parents & in-laws
  8. How to let go. Transitioning from child to tween to teen to adult and more...


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