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There are major transitional points in every human's life that require physical, mental and emotional shifts to take place, in order to adapt and flourish.


Join me on the Under the Rug Podcast where I unpack one of these major transitional points; 'From Woman To Wife'  with Senior Pastor, Hannah van Rooyen of CRC in Gaborone, Botswana.


What we unpack:


1. Going from chastity to romance

Maintaining one's virginity (particularly in Christian circles) is deemed as an honorable and virtuous sacrifice. But then how does one go from chastity to romance once you cross the threshold into married life?


2. What to do when sex is attached to shame

Whilst it's wonderful to know that sex within the confines of marriage is a beautiful thing in the eyes of God, how does one turn sex into a beautiful thing when one's mind has attached sex to perversity, guilt, shame and condemnation? It's time to eliminate shame so you can enjoy sex with your spouse!


3. How to harness healthy communication

You will receive a wealth of wisdom in this area. Our conversation will challenge your thought processes in order to give you a different perspective on matters that all couples face. For example, have you ever found yourself saying, 'Well if he doesn't change, nothing is going to change'?

What about the instance where you avoid having that much needed conversation with your spouse because you're scared that you'll end up a blubbery mess whilst your partner thinks that you're just out to manipulate?

Grab a journal and a pen because this episode is PACKED FULL with golden nuggets and tools for you to apply in order to strengthen your marriage. You'll even be able to start applying them straight away!


4. Learn to be vigilant to satan's schemes to destroy marriage

The devil is not a big fan of marriage. He knows the Bible better than many Christians. He also knows that whilst one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight. In other words, there's power when two people come together in unity.

That's why it important to remember as couples that we are on the SAME TEAM. It's not a competition, we are not out to get each other or pull one another down and as Abraham Lincoln said at the close of his Republican State Convention Speech,


'A house divided against itself cannot stand.'


If anything, marriage is there for you to champion one other, build each other up, fight FOR and not WITH, grow, flourish, multiply (in more ways than one) and ENJOY LIFE together!


5. Navigating Empty Nest Syndrome

I open up about my own experiences with the empty nest. Re-discovering one's self as well as one's marriage after years of being a parent is a real place and for some, it can be extremely confronting and challenging.


Watch on Youtube or listen right here


Closing thoughts

We have put a lot of thought and planning into this interview. It is truly packed with golden nuggets and tools for you to walk away with and apply in your own marriage. We also cover MOM GUILT, transitioning from your twenties into your thirties as a married woman, we talk through our own experiences of marrying someone from a completely different cultural background and so much more.

You'll also get to see a little silliness between two sisters. It's quite delightful actually.



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