S2E7 - A Conversation on Interracial Marriage

Season #2

The wonderfully complex adventure of navigating a mixed relationship!

Caveats are a dangerous thing, and yet I will push on and use one in the next sentence! While I wholly adore my beloved husband, we truly have come from completely different worlds, and that can often manifest in some... interesting situations! Beautiful synergies. Deranged encounters with strangers. The incredible impact two separate perspectives can have on parenting. The familial difficulties. Daily discoveries about previously undisclosed or unnoticed differences that only pull us closer together.


We've run the gamut. We've been married for 25 years! I've seen the many ways in which the bringing together of disparate beings can manifest for good, and sometimes for dire, and in today's episode, we explore these things in depth. We discuss parenting, cultural expectations, the denigration of our relationship from racists, the beautiful stories of hope in spite of the malicious onlooker, and lessons to be learned from coming to understand our differences.


It's my prayer that this episode inspires those of you who also come from multicultural backgrounds, and those of you who are also in mixed relationships! While some differences may seem nigh impenetrable, there is a great deal of fulfillment, adventure, and love to be found in coming to recognise our differences as something to strengthen our bonds with one another.


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