S2E6 - Unpacking Grief & Childhood Trauma

Season #2

Can we escape the trauma of our distant past?

Grief is a burden we all have to shoulder at one point or another. While it can feel comforting knowing that grief is something that unites everyone, the impacts of grief on the self, and on those around us, can have devastating and sometimes long-lasting ramifications, trickling down to every aspect of our daily lives. It casts a large shadow, and can seem impossible to escape.


I have experienced grief in many forms. The grief caused from losing loved ones. The grief of families coming apart. Postpartum grieving. Grieving the dreams I never fulfilled. Grieving in the wake of assault. It is something I've had to battle with all my life, but it is something I have also learned to overcome.


In today's episode of UNDER THE RUG, we zoom all the way out, tracking my encounters with grief over the course of my life, starting from devastating events in my childhood and working forward to the present day. I tackle questions on living with grief, the impact of grief on those around me, the emotional and psychological tolls unregulated grief can have on a person, and my road to recovery.


There is a way out. Your grief does not define you. Your grief can be accounted for, acted upon, and integrated into your walk into becoming the person you dream to become.


Let me know about your own walks with grief. It is my hope that this episode blesses those of you trying to navigate this large and consuming shadow.

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If you have been impacted by anything discussed in this series, please seek help. Do not face it alone.

For crisis support or suicide prevention: AUS - Lifeline 13 11 14

UK - National Suicide Prevention Helpline 0800 689 5652

USA - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255



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