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Have you ever wondered why you just cannot move forward in a particular area of your life?


Maybe you've experienced a horrible breakup and now you're struggling to hold down a relationship. Or maybe you've chosen to leave a toxic work environment but the fear of 'history repeating itself' is preventing you from pursuing a new position.

I have come to learn that forgiveness plays an integral part in the puzzle of progression.

In the first season of the Under the Rug Podcast, you will find a four part series where I open the curtain on narcissistic abuse that I experienced at the hands of my boss. You can watch the full series here. It took me eleven years to recover from that abuse. Part of the journey towards my healing was forgiveness and I tell you now, it will be the same for you, regardless of the circumstance.

In this episode of Under the Rug, 'Forgiveness Leads To Freedom', I share a story of a time when I went for a walk and came across this little old man. He was all hunched up and as we got closer to each other, I saw a devastating depth of disappointment and anger on his brow. He looked as if he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

As I watched him, I remember thinking that I don't ever want to get to the point in my life where I've allowed hurt and pain from yesterday, to build and fester on the inside of me. Where, as the months roll into years, that unresolved baggage begins to manifests in me physically and then takes it toll.

If you're reading this and thinking 'Oh gosh, me neither,' then the only way forward is to look after that heart and mind of yours. How do you do that? Part of the process is to choose forgiveness.

Maybe you can already count the issues in your life that you know you need to deal with or you can name the very people in your world whom you must forgive. Maybe as you've gotten older, things from your childhood have bubbled to the surface and have been wreaking havoc with your mind. Well come on then precious one, it's time to do some cleaning up.


Where do we begin when it comes to forgiveness?


  1. First and foremost, you must start with today's episode 'Forgiveness Leads to Freedom'. Watch on Youtube or listen right here. This will teach you:
    1. what forgiveness is
    2. how it helps you to heal from hurt, pain and disappointment
    3. what practical steps to take in order to forgive
  2. For all the ladies reading this, once you've listened to today's episode and you find yourself hungry for more, sign up to my FREE Masterclass to discover how you can re-ignite your life and kick-start your future. Change starts with you. Not your partner, your boss, your mom, your dad. It must start with you. After you've completed the Training Module, you will then be provided with further steps that you can take as you journey towards forgiveness and in turn, a whole new you. Remember, forgiveness is a process. It doesn't always happen overnight.
  3. This one's for the ladies AND the lads! Grab a copy of my book 'The Orange Hue'. (Also available on Amazon in Kindle, Audio and Paperback). You will get to hear first hand accounts of my own journey to healing through the process of forgiveness and what that looked like for me.


I truly believe that if you commit to the process and utilize the resources provided, you will walk into a whole new found freedom where you won't be carrying the baggage of yesterday into your tomorrow any longer. Why do I believe it? I've seen it in myself and I've witnessed it first-hand in others.

I'm cheering you on from the sidelines. You can do this.




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