Ripple of Revival


And so it was...

...whenever the spirit from God was upon Saul, that David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him.

I Samuel 16:23


Many years ago, Nalini received a prophetic word concerning her ministry. This word was captured and has been included in the above video.

In 2007, Nalini received a revelation from the Lord as to why the labourers are few in the ushering in of the end time harvest.

The Lord showed Nalini that many believers have experienced what looks like 'hit-and-runs' in the spiritual realm.

Be it mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial or relational trauma, it has left believers stranded and bewildered on the road-side in desperate need of rescue.

Nalini has seen through her 'Ripple of Revival Tour', that when the labourers are healed, they respond to the call.

The Ripple of Revival Tour creates a space through word, song, prayer and prophecy for healing, deliverance, restoration and revival so that believers can get back up and be sent back out as labourers to the ripened fields of harvest.

Nalini is a revivalist and member of the Global Evangelist Alliance. She is married to Sandro, has two sons and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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From Nalini's Words to Theirs

A few testimonials typical of what people say.


It’s so unusual to have someone sit behind the piano and sing to you live, while sharing their faith story.  I could feel the presence of God in the room as Nalini spoke. Everybody was really leaning in and I could see people were really moved. God was stirring something within people’s hearts. I recommend Nalini’s ministry, especially for those who are a little lost, feeling flat or questioning what life is about. People are going through so much hardship around the world. It’s just encouraging to know that there are those who have been through the fire, yet come out the other side still praising God.

Kristen, Australia

As Nalini spoke, I was instantly healed from the shame attached to sexual abuse. The Lord has done a deep work in me. Nalini is honest, open and vulnerable in the way she speaks, and I know that the Lord is transforming lives through her ministry.

Andrea, England

I’ve had a lot of challenges in my life and I really loved hearing Nalini’s story. She was raw and honest and she spoke about the love of God throughout the trials she’s faced which really resonated with me. It’s so good to have that hope to keep going. I’m so encouraged and I would definitely recommend her. I can’t wait to read her book!

Julie, Australia


Words are inadequate to describe the wonder of seeing and hearing God's love in action impact such a broad spectrum of ages, cultures and mindsets, but the fruit will long continue to ripple out. 

Jackie, Zimbabwe

The greatest testimony I got through Nalini was from my own kids who were going through a horrid situation. One thing I learnt is that God's plans are always best. Sometimes the process is painful and hard but when God is silent, He is working. I was thoroughly blessed. 

Happy, Zimbabwe


We had an amazing time when Nalini visited our church. I love the fact that she was so real and vulnerable which made me realize that you have to let go and let God take control. 

Rumbi, Zimbabwe


That young lady - Nalini, just made me see Psalm 18:2. What she has gone through and the way she stands strong is incredible. I was so encouraged. I saw God through her. I was ministered to in a mighty way... the encouragement grew stronger within me to be up and about and let God have His way in me to minister unto others everywhere He places me. Nalini expressed such a passion and reliance on God and that blessed my heart. Her music was so healing and uplifting. Wow, may God receive all the glory. 

Barbara, Zimbabwe



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