S3E1 - Am I Defined By My Sexuality? ft. Matthew Grech

Season #3

Google Trends Data has revealed a significant rise in queries relating to sexual orientation and gender identity with searches surging over 1300%


Are these numbers proving a desperate need for answers in relation to one's sexuality and gender alone, or is there a far deeper cry for answers pertaining to one's identity as a whole?


In today’s interview, you will hear from Music Producer Matthew Grech as he shares his own personal story of how he grappled with his sexuality and identity as a whole from a very young age.

This is one man's story. What he shares may be uncomfortable to hear. His outcome may not be the same as yours or that of a loved one. If anything, Matthew’s story reveals humankind’s innate desire to understand one’s own unique blueprint coupled with a deep longing to love, be loved and to find fulfillment.

Regardless of who you are or where you stand in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity, it is my hope and prayer that we can rise above the severing or distancing of relationships just because of diametrically opposing beliefs.

As Allison Zimmerman in Parenting the Rainbow so beautiful articulates, ‘Higher than a desire to agree is the power of love, where we can love and want the best for the other, even if we do not subscribe to the course taken. Open dialogue and communication, devoid of judgement and condemnation, might be our higher aim. To walk in love, making space for differing opinions, even if we never land on the same page.'


Disclaimer: This interview includes discussion of identity which may be sensitive. The interview presents an individual’s own personal story and is not intended to encourage anyone to change their own identity.


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