S2E10 - From Woman To Wife ft. Hannah van Rooyen

Season #2

There are major transitional points in every human's life that require physical, mental and emotional shifts to take place, in order to adapt and flourish. 


On today's episode of Under the Rug, we unpack one of these major transitional points; 'From Woman To Wife' with Senior Pastor Hannah van Rooyen of CRC in Gaborone, Botswana.


What we unpack:


  1. Going from chastity to romance,
  2. What to do when sex is attached to shame,
  3. How to harness healthy communication,
  4. Learning to be vigilant to satan's schemes to destroy marriage,
  5. Navigating Empty Nest Syndrome,
  6. Mom guilt and so much more...


Additional Resources:

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Connect with Pastor Hannah van Rooyen here.



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