Workplace Bullying with Dave Pamah

Season #1 Episode #6

X-Firefighter Dave Pahma, now a Personal Coach, Author of “Firefighting from Within,’  and the Host of the Dave Pamah Show, opens up about the 'Fire-brigade Watch Culture'.
Seen from the outside as an institution designed to serve, save and protect, what goes on behind closed doors, is all too often quite the opposite.

Articles referenced by Dave Pamah throughout the interview:

Racist fire crews 'filled black colleague's helmet with urine  during bullying campaign'

Fire Services in England marred by 'toxic culture'

Firefighter killed himself 'after being bullied and discriminated at his station'

Nalini's interview on the Dave Pamah Podcast:

Overcoming emotional strife through the power of positive thinking with Nalini Tranquim

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