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Having witnessed the effects of unaddressed depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts at a personal level, my story is real, raw and relatable not only to students but teachers and parents alike.

Society pressurizes the young to dream big, to be the best, to reach for the stars, yet provides little to face the unprecedented social, educational, economical challenges of this day.

I meet way too many students battling in their mental health, while teachers and parents remain ill-equipped, due to lack of resources and support. We are seeing wait-lists for Psychologists & Counsellors, so the question is this:

How do we shift from survive to thrive and not allow mental health issues to rule the roost?

My Keynotes carry scenes from my own personal journey that students, teachers and parents  relate to. I share openly about my own struggles with depression and anxiety. I then unpack tools and skill-sets I’ve learned along the way, to empower my audience to step up, face what they are navigating with confidence and resolve so that they can kick back against mental health and flourish.

You will walk away spurred on, with a sense of hope renewed and equipped with clarity and direction concerning the way forward.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help your students, teachers and parents identify the signs and impact of mental health struggles, whilst empowering you with actionable steps, book a call with me here or use the form below.

It was a pleasure and honour to welcome to Hillcrest Alumni Nalini Tranquim. Drawing from her life experiences she spoke to our students and staff and I found her messages to both groups of people to be moving, insightful and encouraging. To those who listened carefully to all she had to say, I am sure, it made a huge impact on their lives. She spoke in a lively and engaging manner and quickly established a good rapport with her audience. I was particularly grateful that she remembered Hillcrest, her time here, and her willingness to give back to our community.

Orlando Fernandes, Schools Principal


Nalini's visit to Hillcrest College was timely as it lent itself to helping our pupils to speak out and speak up, in the midst of a world struggling to deal with mental health issues.


Mr Blessing Mwale, School Chaplain


It was heartwarming to be reminded of how important our roles are, as teachers, in the life of our students.

Nalini left us with a buzz of excitement and a fine touch of inspiration after her talk. Thank you so much!


on behalf of the Hillcrest College Staff, Zimbabwe

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