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A Free Verse by Nalini Tranquim

We are living in the day of the Great Exposé... 

Leaders in all spheres of life are being exposed for who they truly are.

Leaders in faith, Leaders in governments, Leaders in businesses and enterprise.

Leaders who think they are above the need for accountability, are finding their pedestals swooped from under them, leaving them stooped in disarray, scrounging around trying to lay a hold of the remnants of their former position.

Corruption, manipulation, deceit and abuse can only stay hidden in scheming stairways and calculating corridors for so long. Toxins always bubble to the surface like a pimple about to explode.

There is no facial foundation that can mask the cracks in one’s character.

There is no pillar that can stand a tsunami without being girded by a root system so deep, founded upon ethics, integrity, humility and love.

Did these leaders ever hold such virtues?

I believe so, yes.

But as someone once said,

With great power, comes great responsibility
— Stan Lee

The responsibilities are only honored if they remain the focus. Unfortunately for many in positions of leadership, their gaze shifts from responsibility to power. Slowly but surely the ethics, integrity, humility and love begins to fade away, like the passing of a loved one.

Soon, all that remains, is the rancid stench of rotting flesh, wrapped in greed and control.

Hungry and desperate to cling on, to smooth things over, to cover up and pretend like everything has been blown out of proportion, they try to diminish their exposure. Like the plumber sealing holes in the hope that the crap will not seep through.

All at the cost of those whom they were once responsible for.

The Great Exposé has come.

More and more will be exposed in the coming days. Many will become disheartened and will fall away. However, the Great Exposé must come, because with it, healing is ushered in to those who have been robbed, controlled, lied to and violated.

The Great Exposé brings shock and horror, relief and wonder. It levels the playing field. It brings high horses down to sea level to truly see the level of damage done by their hand.

May those exposed wake up and return to who they were pre pedestals of power.

And for those who bear witness to their demise, may they see this as a warning to keep the main thing the main thing.

When you are thrust into a position of unexpected power, you must lead with ethics, integrity, humility and love. Because the only reason you have the power in the first place, is because you have been entrusted with the care and wellbeing of those you are responsible for.

There is an even greater exposé to come.

One where we will all give an account of actions past.

‘What’ I wonder, ‘will be the outcome’.

A Free Verse by Nalini Tranquim

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