anxiety Sep 28, 2023

Do you want to be free from anxiety?


It plagued me for years but I am now FREE of it and I'm going to show you how you can be too!


It was a Tuesday afternoon when I found myself sitting in my Doctor's office. I felt like I was in a vacuum.


My head was spinning, my heart was racing. My hands were clammy and my hair was falling out. My skin was dry and blotchy.


The Doctor's voice was muffled and vying for space in and amongst the chaos of my mind.


I could vaguely hear him say something about my Chronic PTSD, Anxiety & Depression being an officially confirmed diagnosis.


'Nalini... Nalini, can you hear me?'


What followed was a prescription of sleeping tablets, a Mental Health Care Plan that required I attend weekly appointments with my psychologist for a minimum of six months before he would consider signing me off.


If you're reading this, it is likely that you have had your own experiences with anxiety. In fact, you may be feeling it's presence right now. You know full-well how it impacts your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It wreaks havoc and takes over. It doesn't just steal your happiness, contentment and rest, it affects your decision making, your relationships and your ability to connect with others. Everything seems heightened and unbearable to handle. It feels like there is no way out.


Yet as I piece these words together and though I am physically and mentally reminded of the affects of anxiety's clutches, I am completely free of it, I can identify it when it comes knocking and I know exactly what to do to send it packing.


Wait-lists for psychologists and counselors are at an all time high around the world. Pharmaceutical companies are turning massive profits whilst their carefully formulated medicines numb the symptoms for a while, yet bring no actual long-term resolve other than long-term effects.


Well what if I told you that you that by applying a few simple steps, you can actually choose to kick anxiety out the door? You don't have to live with it or tolerate it. You don't have to let it steal your time or your quality of life as if it's a king to be feared (excuse the pun) and revered.


Anxiety is not your friend. It's objective is not to cheer you on as you navigate through life's hurdles. It's sole purpose is to destroy you. To convince you that there is nothing you can do to tackle it to the ground, defeat it and be done with it. It doesn't want you making the most of your life and the time that you have left with clarity of thought, purpose, passion and drive because then you'd be a force to be reckoned with and would achieve WAY TOO MUCH for it's liking.


I am living proof that you CAN tackle anxiety and take back the territory that it's trying to steal from you.


Okay Nalini, I'm ready. How do I tackle anxiety & take back territory?


  1. You have to WANT to be rid of anxiety. If you're comfortable with it living in your home, eating your food, invading your body and destroying your relationships and future goals, then no amount of reading this blog is going to change anything.
  2. You have to be READY to put in the work. It will require rolling up your sleeves. Nothing of value comes easy. You have to fight for it.
  3. You have to COMMIT to the process. It may mean applying certain principles and taking specific steps that you might normally mock and ridicule. Well if you want to see a shift in your life, then as I've said many times in the past, 'If you want something you've never had before, you're going to have to do something you have never done before.


I say YES to all three. What's my next step?


Sign up to my FREE Masterclass where I will teach you my SIX STEPS to 'Tackling Anxiety & Taking Back Territory.'


Closing thoughts

You are too precious and too valuable to allow any more time waste on anxiety. It's time to get up and fight back. I will close with this. Sign up and then stay to the END of the Masterclass. Don't bow out after 3 minutes thinking 'Nah, this is not for me'. PERSEVERE WITH AN OPEN HEART & MIND.

Then, APPLY what I teach you. Head knowledge is nothing on applied knowledge. It's only on application that you will begin to see a shift. Then, if and when anxiety comes knocking again in the future, you'll have the tools in your back pocket to tell it where to go.




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