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'I had all the faith in the world to believe that he was going to get better.'

- Juanita Rolle



'Life After Death' tells the remarkable true story of Jasman & Juanita Rolle...


...both of whom were previously married to their lifetime partners, both of whom lost their lifetime partners and whilst they are still navigating the rawness of their grief, they are both filled with so much hope and joy for tomorrow.


Their story is breathtaking and inspiring and it is our hope and prayer that this conversation will not only bring healing and comfort to those who have lost a lifetime partner, but will also usher in anticipation and excitement for the possibilities of tomorrow.


What you will walk away with:


Jasman and Juanitta were extremely brave to come onto the show and answer some very direct questions.

Here's what you will walk away with:

  • How to navigate the death of a lifetime partner
  • How to come to terms with the finality of them never coming home
  • How to function during the grieving process especially when you still have children at home
  • What systems to put in place to help you during the grieving process
  • How the new normal can look


Jasman and Juanita now live as a blended family in Nashville, Tennessee, and their story is impacting countless lives across the world. 


In closing


If you or a loved one is struggling with the loss of a lifetime partner, you will find great comfort in Jasman & Juanita's story.


You can follow Jasman & Juanita through their Purposed365 Community. There mission statement is 'To inspire others to live an intentionally purposeful life 365 days a year.' If there is anyone who has the right to inspire others to live this way, after everything they have been through, it is certainly them.


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