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In the last twenty five years of my pale face being married to my dark handsome hunk, we've been asked on different occasions what it's like being married to someone of a completely different race and cultural background. Well, if you're just a little bit curious, this one might be just for you.


In this Episode of Under the Rug, I delve into the challenges of interracial marriage and daily confrontations that many will never encounter. I unpack the good bits, the bad bits, the everything in-between bits in the hope that it will broaden your understanding of what it's like to stick out like a pair of sore thumbs on the daily but also squash any racial prejudices carried (potentially by one's upbringing) so that it's not passed down to the next generation.



Do You Face Racism as an Interracial Couple?


Sadly, yes. Should we? No.


Let me start by asking you a question. Is a baby born racist?


I think it's safe to say that we all agree, racism is taught. It is passed down by one generation of prejudice to another. For some, racism is so deeply etched within their being that they don't even realise that their mannerisms and responses reflect racism. For others, there is an evident outward hatred towards anything different to what is classed as 'normal.' Both scenarios sadden Sandro and I.


In S2E7 of the Under the Rug Podcast, 'A CONVERSATION ON INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE', you will hear personal accounts of when Sandro and I have experienced racism because of our interracial marriage but also of times when Sandro has experienced blatant racism because of the colour of his skin.


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 Sandro with his dad in a recent visit back to Zimbabwe.


What Other Challenges Did You Face as an Interracial Couple?


Coming from polar opposite cultural extremes, those early days of raising our children proved very challenging indeed.


Sandro is from a very traditional Catholic background whilst my father was Hindu and my mother was Church of England. As you can imagine, determining how we were going to discipline our kids right through to freedom of speech, what schools they would attend, establishing what we believed outside of family influences, was no small feat!


 Raising our kids as an interracial couple was no small feat!


I must add to all of this that the joy of being married to the love of my life has far outweighed the challenges of being in an interracial marriage. At the end of the day, you must forge your own path. What other people think or say shouldn't rob you of your joy, commitment and the adventure of being together.


Love and laugh hard, be an example to others and if after watching this episode you've identified some niggling little prejudices within your own heart, be sure to let them go and then train up the next generation to love without limits.


If you're an interracial couple or you know someone who is, we would love to hear from you! No doubt there are even more stories and experiences to hear and share that can be used as tools to help the next Gen of interracial couples have it easier so they can do better than us. Nx


Watch on Youtube or listen right here.




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