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'When a woman gives birth for the first time, it's almost like there's an unseen umbilical cord that is still very much attached to this new being.'

- Hannah van Rooyen


In S2E10 of Under the Rug, we delved into 'From Woman To Wife'  with Senior Pastor, Hannah van Rooyen of CRC in Gaborone, Botswana.


We are excited to announce that the amazing Hannah is back and in this episode, we take things a step further by uncovering:


From Wife To Mother


If you or a loved one is going through a tough time adjusting to parenthood, (regardless if 'little one' is a toddler, tween, teen or adult) it's okay, this is perfectly NORMAL and like with every major transitional point faced in life, there are adjustments and tweaks that need to take place in order for every party in the equation to adapt and flourish.


Join a raw and honest conversation between two mothers who have journeyed through pregnancy, childbirth and parenting who's desire is to better equip mama's and papa's out there who are venturing down the twisty and exhilarating trail of parenthood.


What we unpack:


  1. How to go from being young, madly in love, fancy-free to being a new parent
  2. How to adjust to those early days of parenthood both as a mama and as a papa
  3. How to be sensitive to each other's adjustment to parenthood
  4. How to adjust to post-pregnancy/birth body
  5. How to navigate sex after child-birth
  6. How to ensure your partner fees included when baby comes along
  7. How to navigate external input eg: involvement from parents & in-laws
  8. How to let go. Transitioning from child > tween > teen > adult


Watch on Youtube or listen right here


Closing thoughts


We have put a lot of thought and planning into this interview. It is truly packed with golden nuggets and tools for you to walk away with and apply in your own life. We also disarm SHAME associated with different hurdles that we face as parents and so much more.

You'll also get to see a little more silliness between two sisters that I think you will find quite delightful. 🥰



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