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'I couldn't see a way out of it. I couldn't find a way out of it, and probably subconsciously I didn't feel like I deserved a way out of it.'


- Fiona Briffa


She is a Life & Leadership Coach who has been working in the Corporate Leadership space for over 20 years. She is a wife and a mother of two incredible children and it was only very recently that she decided to shine a light on a painful matter that remained buried in her life until now.


Fiona Briffa shares openly about the horrific ramifications of abortion. Her story is going to heal some women who have been through this painstaking process. It's going to heal some men who have struggled to understand certain behavioral ramifications that abortion has had on their women, without necessarily realising it, especially where the topic of abortion itself has remained under the rug. Fiona's story is also going to come as a warning to those who are considering abortion for themselves.


What do we talk about?


Through Fiona's story, we uncover:

  1. The mental and emotional ramifications in the aftermath of abortion
  2. The impact of abortion on marriage
  3. Delayed triggers for example when Fiona eventually becomes a mama including:
    • Holding her newborn for the first time
    • Her postnatal depression (partially linked to prior abortions)
  4. The impact of shame on her belief system which led to behaviors including:
    • Choosing abusive and destructive relationships because she believed it's what she deserved
    • Addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling to numb the pain
  5. Advice for partners when approaching the conversation with their woman, should her behavioral patterns mirror some of the patterns described in today's discussion
  6. How to go about having the conversation about a past abortion with loved ones
  7. How God in Heaven settled Fiona's heart as to where lost babies go after they die


'I didn't feel worthy so I'm going to make choices that just reinforce the fact that I'm not worthy.'


- Fiona Briffa


Is there a way to heal?


Yes! 100%


Society wants to silence you and have you portray perfection. Yet behind closed doors, you suffer in silence or as a dear friend said very recently, 'You smothercate.' Smother and suffocate simultaneously.

The only way we can truly heal from such horrific trauma and shame is through verbal acknowledgement before Father God in Heaven. Medical practitioners are not going to tell you this because their role is backed by science alone. God's supernatural power does not feature in their scientific equations. While I do believe there is place for medical science and I am a big advocate for the advancement of it, medical science is not the only solution.

Mankind is made up of body, soul and spirit.

Medical doctors deal with the body.

Psychologists and counsellors deal with the soul.

Father God alone deals with the spirit. NB: Anything outside of Father God is a counterfeit and will not give you true healing.


We only have access to Father God through His Son Jesus. So in order to verbally acknowledge one's actions before Father God, one must first acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior. The Bible is clear in Romans 10:9 'If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.'

Here's a simple prayer that you can say out loud:


Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you in the Name of Jesus. I believe that Jesus is Your Son and He died on the cross to take away my sins. So I ask You to forgive me of all of my sins.

I believe that Jesus rose from the grave to give me eternal life. Today I step into right relationship with you through my faith in Jesus and His completed work on the cross.

I am now Your child.

So I ask You Lord Jesus to come into my heart, come into my life, become my Lord, my Saviour and my Best Friend.

In Jesus Name I pray,



Once you acknowledge Jesus as Lord of your life, you can then come before Father God and verbally bring to Him anything that needs to be addressed, repented of and then you can freely ask Him for His forgiveness, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that He wipes the slate clean. 🥹❤️ How do I know? Because He's a good, good Father and He's healed me of a lot of stuff too.


Fiona says in the interview that trauma can manifest in sickness and pain with the clause that she has no scientific evidence to back her belief. However, I absolutely believe the same. I have come across countless women over the years who have gone through the process of verbally acknowledging and confessing to our Father God the trauma, abuse, heartache and pain of the past, and have witnessed first-hand, their healing. In fact, I have witnessed Fiona's healing for myself also. This is where she's at so far in her healing journey:

Depression and anxiety - HEALED

Addiction to gambling, drugs and alcohol - HEALED

Chest pain of 15 years - HEALED when she verbally confessed and asked Father God for forgiveness. I was with her when this happened and it was breathtaking to witness.

Fiona and I are still believing Father God to heal Fiona in the following areas and we will update this blog as her healing unfolds so watch this space:

Nerve pain in feet for 15 years

Upper abdominal pain for 15 years

Fibromyalgia for 3 years



If you have been impacted by anything addressed in this interview, or maybe it's unearthed some stuff that has been buried under the rug in your life until now, then please do not hesitate to reach out via [email protected] 



Watch my interview with Fiona Briffa on Youtube or listen here





Connect with Fiona:

Learn more about Fiona Briffa: https://www.fbministries.com.au/

Fiona Briffa on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@FionaBriffa

 Purchase Fiona's book 'Transform Your Life' here


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