Unlock Your True Identity

Whether you have experienced a challenging childhood, an abusive relationship or a series of traumatic events in your life, as women, the outcome can result in the chipping away of your identity.

This is exactly what happened to Transformational Coach and Course Creator Nalini Tranquim.

After three years of verbal and psychological abuse at the hands of a narcissistic boss, Nalini found herself at the point of suicide.

When her husband Sandro realized the severity of what was going on, He got on his knees and begged God for a solution.

Within a matter of months, Nalini and her family found themselves on the distant shores of Western Australia starting over.

The woman you see today is NOT the woman she was.

She battled with depression and anxiety, couldn't function in a crowd, was afraid to try new things and lived boxed-in.

It took Nalini 11 years to re-discover who she was outside of the trauma and abuse she experienced.

That very journey led her into the coaching arena where she studied and became a Certified Coach. Over time, she came to the realization that each and every one of her clients were battling with the exact same struggle. They too had also lost sight of their true self at the hands of trauma.

As a direct result, Nalini dedicated two years of her life into lovingly crafting the 'Unlock Your True Identity Program' which:

  1. walks you through the process of facing traumas of the past, 
  2. provides practical steps to deal with and let go of trauma so that you can step into freedom
  3. enables you to re-discover your true self by re-framing your internal narrative
  4. Awakens and transforms how you see yourself which in turn will impact your self-belief, self-worth and self-confidence so you can truly live the life you were born to lead!

The feedback from women who have undertaken this 21 Day Challenge is mind-blowing and we know it will be the same for you.

So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time for you and your loved ones to benefit from the REAL YOU?

DO NOT DELAY. This special price is for a limited time only!

Remember your fee includes:

  • One hour of online training in my Unlock Your True Identity Masterclass
  • 1-Minute Daily Video Check-ins with Nalini throughout the 21 Day Challenge
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A's with Nalini via the student portal
  • Private Facebook Community Support from Like-Minded Women
  • Bonus Content including Nalini's book 'The Orange Hue' with added extra goodies
  • Unlimited access to your content

Get instant access after you make payment and start making the changes your life has been waiting for!

For further information email Nalini at [email protected]

Former Students of the Program

Thankful to Nalini for paying the price to share her story and all that she has learnt to put together the ‘Unlock Your True Identity’ course. I am not the same person having participated in this; I am becoming more me!

Sarah Chapman

This program has given me the confidence and spiritual support to not only get through my everyday life, but to conquer it. I felt like my growth and healing actually mattered to Nalini. She was attentive to my specific needs, boundaries, challenges, and aspirations. You have a true cheerleader for life in Nalini. The tools and feedback that Nalini and her team provide is invaluable!

Alicia Gakima

I’ve recognised my worth. I’m not meant to be someone who’s continually run over.

Susan Shelton

My 21 Day Challenge has woken up the little girl in me, who wants to go outside and play.

Kathleen Bigot

Do it. It will change your life.

Karin Parker

$147.00 USD

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