S2E2 - DEPRESSION - Tips to Escape the Pits

Season #2

CW: Suicide, and mental health struggles Welcome back to the UNDER THE RUG podcast!

Today's episode is a little heavy so viewer discretion is advised. We live in a world of uncertainty. The last few years have turned societies upside down, with the entire global population watching as the cracks in our foundations begin to expand.

There is a mental health crisis. It has affected me. It has affected those around me. And it is affecting hundreds of millions of people across the planet. Today, I wanted to talk about my own battles with depression. It's something I have had to face at multiple stages of my life, and something that has, at times, felt like an impossible grip to shake.

But there is recovery, and there is hope. I hope this episode is a blessing to you and those whom you love.



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Additional Resources:

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If you have been impacted by anything discussed in this series, please seek help. Do not face it alone.

For crisis support or suicide prevention:

AUS - Lifeline 13 11 14

UK - National Suicide Prevention Helpline 0800 689 5652

USA - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255


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