A Prisoner’s Perspective with Mike & Cynthia Savage

Season #1 Episode #7

Federal authorities described Mike Savage as a criminal mastermind capable of bending people to his will. He was that and more. 

His criminal empire was the subject of a five-year federal investigation that culminated in his indictment on 101 criminal charges that ultimately put him in prison for fifteen years, two months, and twenty-eight days. 

From Mike’s perspective, he would lose everything in his life, including his beloved wife who had no idea Mike was a criminal.

In today's episode, you will hear from both Mike & Cynthia's perspective.


Mike is now a Professor in Bible Theology & Psychology. He and his wife Cynthia run a podcast called ‘A Savage Perspective’.

Mike is also the author of 'A Prisoner's Perspective: 'The Redemption of a Criminal Master Mind.’

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Nalini was interviewed by Mike & Cynthia on their Podcast 'A Savage Perspective'. You can catch up here.


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