The Church Behind The Curtain - Part 3 | 4 - From Bathroom Floor to Out The Door

Season #1 Episode #11

In this week's episode of  'Under the Rug', we continue with our four part series ’The Church Behind The Curtain’. 

Here in Part 3 | 4 - 'From Bathroom Floor to Out The Door', Nalini continues to address her experience of abuse within the church.

One of the questions that was submitted prior to recording this interview was;

‘Do you feel that by staying within the church, under abusive leadership, that you are actually inadvertently enabling the abuse?’ 

Nalini answers this very question in today's episode.

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Part 3 | 4 - From Bathroom Floor to Out The Door

In this series ‘The Church Behind The Curtain’, Nalini explores:

  • the early-day-signs of abuse and subtle acceleration of the abuse, 
  • the growing effects of the abuse not only on her, but her loved ones too,
  • how she handled the abuse, healed from it and how you can recover from your own experiences of church leadership abuse also.

Please note: Nalini's current church has played an integral part in her healing. 

If you have stepped away from church or are experiencing abuse within the church, I say this:

God is a restorative God. 

God is NOT an abusive God.

Christian Leaders who abuse their power and authority will be answerable to God. 


If you have been impacted by anything discussed in today’s episode, please seek help. Do not face it alone.

For crisis support or suicide prevention:

AUS - Lifeline 13 11 14

UK - National Suicide Prevention Helpline 0800 689 5652

USA - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Today’s interview is hosted by Ramon Tranquim.
Ramon is the CEO and Founder of Tyrian Green, a creative film production house based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in corporate films, education and training videos as well as social media films.

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