As You Are

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As You Are

Despite the years of training in classical piano and the hours invested into the honing of my craft,
I ended up in a very dark place mentally that I struggled to pull myself out of.
I felt that because I wasn’t “the best”, I wasn’t good enough (by who’s standards, I don’t even know).
I stopped playing piano, didn’t even want to sing and completely lost sight of who I was.
One morning, I woke up and the words “Come As You Are” dropped into my heart.
I held my breath, not wanting to lose my grip of this revelation.
I quickly scurried for my notebook and pen, plonked myself on the floor and let the words gush out.
If there is anything I can say to you now, it is: “Come as you are”.
The world doesn’t need another so-and-so. The world needs YOU. Nx


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