Keynote Speaker & Coach for Corporate and  NFPs

My Words Lead to a More Engaged Workforce and Increased Business Performance

With over twenty years of experience in the corporate arena, with a PostGrad Degree in Professional Accounting, as a Co-Founder of several companies and on the Board of Directors for an NFP, I am able to bring a wealth of value to Corporate and NFPs through my executive coaching and public speaking.

My coaching & Keynote topics include (not limited to):

  1. How to improve mental health within the workplace
  2. How to live a healthy work/life balance
  3. How to navigate toxicity in the workplace
  4. How to build a solid and healthy workplace culture


 My coaching/talks will

  1. Provoke thought processes and mindsets.
  2. Act as a catalyst for change.
  3. Leave the executives/staff challenged in areas that require work/improvement.
  4. Set the ball in motion to improve the atmosphere in the workplace.
  5. Increase financial results.


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"Nalini is a wonderfully authentic and thought provoking speaker. She recently spoke to a highly level executive audience of over 100 people. She is highly engaging and emotive. She had everyones attention for over 30 minutes and at the end many had been moved to tears by her words. She has the ability to read the room and understand how far she can push her audience. I would highly recommend her to speak at an event that requires a thought leader to inspire people towards change and live their best lives."

Vivienne, Australia


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