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Sun rays pierce through the gaps of inner-city skyscrapers.
“...That's it, that's it. This dream... it's gone...
— Nalini Tranquim

Confronting the reality that your life’s dreams now lay in tatters can be crushing. The guilt and shame can feel constricting to the point of paralysis. And yet, there is always a road to restoration.


In the late months of 2020, I had the opportunity to share my story with Rodney Olsen on the Bleeding Daylight podcast. Bleeding Daylight’s efforts to unearth stories of redemption and restoration strongly resonate with the beliefs and ethos I strive to proliferate, and it was such an honour to be able to bring my testimony to Olsen’s listeners.


You can listen to our episode titled The Orange Hue here.

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In Closing:

In celebration of the Bleeding Daylight podcast recently reaching 100 episodes broadcasted, I’d love to share with you my appearance on the show. We speak on my upbringing, the trials of a house divided, being stranded in a foreign land while 7 months pregnant, trying to cultivate a gift under the grip of a narcissist, and finding healing in the most unlikely of places.


A huge congratulations to Rodney Olsen on achieving this monumental milestone. I pray my story will bless you as I have been blessed being able to share it with the Bleeding Daylight podcast.


Dust off the dirt from your knees, and get back up.


I love you, Nx


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